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  • JAFO’s Freedom Cover is a sturdy 1/8 kool-flex neoprene that protects your limb from dirt, debris and water and fills

out the leg in pants giving much needed aesthetic balance.

  • The Freedom Cover does not need any upkeep or maintenance unlike standard covers that nick, dent, rip and break.

  • The REGULAR size will give you a 15″ or less, depending on sizing adjustments.

  • The  WIDE version circumference will give you a calf of 16.5″ or less, depending on sizing adjustments.


High-quality, machine-washable, kool-flex neoprene.

Protect your investment and replicate a healthy leg.

Total weight for the AK cover is 10 oz and 6 oz for the BK.

Prevent dirt and water from damaging your limb.

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 13 × 8 in

Height 12" / Width 15", Height 14" / Width 15", Height 16" / Width 15", Height 18" / Width 15", Height 12" / Width 16.5", Height 14" / Width 16.5", Height 16" / Width 16.5", Height 18" / Width 16.5"


Black, Black w/ Brown Slip-on Sleeve, Black w/ Tan Slip-on Sleeve

5 reviews for AK Lower Freedom Cover L5705

  1. Katie Bulloch

    Hi, yes everything worked out great.. I love the cover and wear it just about everyday. thanks for checking and making a great product for amputees!

  2. Tasha Gates

    Hello james I have the cover and l’m enjoying it. It gives me great volume in my pants. It’s also very well made. I’m looking forward to buying more of your products in the future. Thanks!

  3. Tammy Billington

    I love my Freedom Cover for my AK prosthesis. They fill out the leg of my jeans and also look great with dresses. I work on a cattle/horse ranch and they protect my leg from dust etc. They are very durable. I got my second one today. The first one is still usable after 7 years.

  4. Edwin Corras

    just got my cover today and I could not get over the emotion how my h confidence it show me. I’m very excited that I got to research and get my very own freedom cover made. Thank you so much

  5. Shaun K

    I have had my ak Lower for 6 yrs and have used the upper socket cover during that time also..Since I have posted a review of the upper this is my Long term review of the AK lower with zipper and foam insert..there is almost zero wear to the noeprene material after all these years and I use it any time I wear pants for the symetrical leg shape…I use a Ottobock 3r80 and the foam insert( i have the older style foam insert which is white, while I see current pic shows black foam calf insert) fits snug and secure on the knee and never really moves off axis unless I am really doing a strenous action..I found that if I really want to lock it in place I just put tight velcro strap at the ankle and it seems to keep it in place very good..

    Though it is probably not recomended due to the metal zipper I used mine a lot for snorkeling in the ocean to give my prothetic some level bouyancy so it doesn’t drop lower then my good leg…after 6 years of daily use ,to include many ocean snorkel trips around the world, I obviously did not rinse it down or lubricate it as well as I should have and the poor zipper let me know I had put it thru more then it was designed for…it is a durable zipper and design ,but if you dont do a good freshwater rinse after salt water use any metal zippers will corrode..

    But as testiment to the design of the AK lower I found that with my knee the slotted foam stays in place well enough that with a velcro wrap strap and the addition of a standard bicycle leg warmer serving as a skin sheath, that the ak lower is still secure and useable…

    My Lower and upper have been thru bicycle rides, hikes, snorkeling trips and daily wear with pants and still going strong..the only reason my first Upper wrap was replaced is due to fact it gets the most pressure and wear and tear from sitting on hard benches or rock ledges.. But it also helps reduce hard surface wear points on your pants…plus I hate sitting on a wood bench and hearing a thump when you sit down…

    Over all for long term durability I couldnt be happier with the Lower and upper..

    Ak amputee

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