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BK Freedom Cover


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Recommendation: Due to the varieties and many sizes of below knee sockets and pylons, the insert that comes with the BK cover is 18″ long, but needs revision by a professional.


Size Guide
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The recommended HCPCS codes for JAFO's Freedom Covers are
L5704 Below Knee and L5705 Above Knee
Custom shaped protective cover:
Medically necessary to afford shape and protection of the endoskeletal prosthetic components from dirt, debris, and other environmental factors, encountered during typical daily usage for the Socket and knee, that can lead to prosthetic malfunctioning.
*The Above Knee cover (L5705) must have the Upper and Lower Sleeves together.

blue-arrow     High-quality, machine-washable, cool-flex neoprene.

blue-arrow     Protect your investment and replicate a healthy leg.

blue-arrow     Total weight for the AK cover is 10 oz and 6 oz for the BK.

blue-arrow     Prevent dirt and water from damaging your limb.

blue-arrow     Clinicians time to shape your cover is done quickly.


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