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Every AFO on the market uses the strap and JAFO’s Free Flow AFO eliminates it 100%.  Eliminating the strap on all AFO’s, eliminated all cases of chaffing and reduced cases of peroneal nerve entrapment.  JAFO prevents AFO replacement of broken struts and straps.  JAFO supplies healthy blood flow to the affected limb with foot drop.  JAFO has proven to increase proprioception and patient balance.


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The JAFO Sleeve and Free Flow AFO together have been a huge success in the O and P industry. The polypropylene AFO is durable and lightweight. The 4 different AFO sizes allows the clinician to trim the AFO to your shoe size. We recommend you check your foot for any irritation after wearing the AFO for one hour. It is recommended that you take your AFO to your orthotist for proper shaping before wearing. JAFO takes no responsibility for this off the shelf AFO if the patient experiences any bruises or skin failures.


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