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JLIFT is an innovative NEW product that helps lift the foot for those with foot drop without the fuss of uncomfortable and hard-to-use costly AFO’s.

There are many adjustable ankle wrap AFO’s on the market for people with foot drop that claim they give their patients a strong lift.   These ankle braces use the shoe laces as the lifting point with a hook-and-loop band or bunji cord.  The problem with this method is that laces tighten and loosen with each step.  This prevents a stable 90-degree lift and the foot drops. 

The JLIFT is zip tied to the eyelets of the shoe or sneaker (zip ties provided).  This creates a solid lifting lever because you are now anchored TO THE SHOE ITSELF and by-pass the laces.  The JLIFT can also snap into your existing TurboMed shoe clip.   If you do not yet have a soft ankle brace, JAFO’s Combo Set you can purchase our proprietary crank ankle band or our velcro ankle band, JLIFT Clip (black or white) and 4 zip ties.

-NEW INNOVATIVE DESIGN FIRST TIME EVER- The JLIFT is a patented design by JAFO that allows all Ankle Band AFO’s to reach their maximum effectiveness and 90 degree lift every step.

-SHOE LACE ATTACHMENT BYPASS- Ankle Band AFO’s use the shoe laces of the sneaker or shoe to create its lift. The laces are pulled tight and then the laces loosen and your foot does not maintain a 90 degree lift.  The JLIFT bypasses the lace attachment and directly attaches to the shoe’s eyelets.  

-REDESIGN OF STANDARD ANKLE BANDS- JAFO’s Proprietary Crank Ankle Band was redesigned because all other Ankle Bands on the market are 3″ or 3.5″ tall.  A short ankle band does not give the angle effective enough to lift the foot.  Additionally JAFO moved the crank to the top of the band where standard bands are in the middle.  This re positioning of the Crank also gives the band more leverage and a more effective lift.

-EFFECTIVE LIFT- The JLIFT is attached to the eyelets using a small zip tie included in the combo set and JLIFT Clip options. Attaching the clip to the body of the shoe increases the effectiveness of existing products as well as our JLIFT Ankle Band. No longer lifting from the flimsy shoe laces, the JLIFT’s lift is sturdy and constant.

-KOOL FLEX NEOPRENE- The JLIFT Ankle Band is made with JAFO’s high quality Kool-Flex Neoprene. Kool-Flex is used on JAFO’s neoprene products and allows for the skin to breathe and keeping the skin cooler than standard 1/8″ neoprene.

-DURABILITY- Each JLIFT Clip is made with our injection molded polypropylene plastic high density.  Comes in black or white.

-UNIVERSAL SIZE-The JAFO Ankle Band fits ankles up to 12″ in circumference. The JLIFT clip can fit on any shoe that has eyelets. Some may chose to drill small holes in boots and attach the JLIFT Clip.

-WORKS WITH MANY ANKLE BAND AFO’s- The JLIFT Clip can be incorporated into existing Ankle Band AFO’s that use BOA attachments, Velcro attachments and also Hook attachments like BraceAbility.

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